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New York wants to ban Vaporizer in public places.

New York wants to ban Vaporizer in public places.



New York has long banned smoking in offices, and Mayor Bloomberg has extended the ban to public places such as bars, restaurants and parks since 2002. Today, to prevent e-cigarettes from becoming popular among teenagers, New York City plans to legislate to further ban e-cigarettes in public places. Please read the report of our correspondent.



US electronic cigarette ban, electronic cigarette market encountered cold winter



Many e-cigarettes contain liquid nicotine that can be converted into smoke, and many smokers want to replace traditional tobacco to help them quit smoking.




But New York City Speaker Coquin and City Councilor James Gennaro argue that banning tobacco is contradictory to advocating e-cigarettes. Other lawmakers worry that this will mislead teenagers into thinking that smoking is safe and that e-cigarettes will become popular among teenagers, which may prompt addicted children to switch to tobacco.



The New York City Council will hold a hearing next Wednesday to discuss whether legislation should ban the use of Vaporizer in public places such as bars, restaurants, parks and cinemas.




One of the goals of the proposed legislation is to prevent teenagers from indulging in smoking and starting to smoke.



If the bill is enacted, cinemas will be required to announce messages before the film is broadcast, and the use of Vaporizer, like smoking tobacco, is prohibited.




The city council will vote on the issue of Vaporizer in December 9th.


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